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IPSDE was founded nearly 50 years ago and situated in the Diamonds complex in Ramat Gan Israel. 


The elected president of the Exchange is Mr. Shlomo Eshed, and by his side six elected members acting as directors, as well as professional management team.


The Israel Precious Stones & Diamonds Exchange provides its members and visiting buyers with all the necessary facilities to conduct business with comfort and ease. The amenities located in the bourse include three modern trading halls, a sophisticated communications network, secretarial services, and professional consultation services in regards to export and import procedures.

The bourse is abundant with innovative minds, leading to a few past successes, amongst which is Sarin, which was founded 31 years ago by several members of the bourse. Today, Sarin is dominating the technological sphere in the diamonds and precious stones industry, by optimizing production capabilities with advanced scanning methods.

As the greatest and most experienced cutters are found in Israel, the majority of them with over 50 years of experience under their belt, the Israeli production focuses on higher quality polished goods as its target market.


Aside from Emeralds & Diamonds, a wide selection of stones is being traded in the bourse on daily basis. Stones such as Sapphires, Rubies, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Tsavorite and Amethyst are standard fare in The Israel Precious Stones & Diamonds Exchange trading hall. One could also find more common good such as Pearls, Corals, Turquoise and lapis are also available in all shapes, sizes and qualities.


The Israel Precious Stones & Diamonds Exchange is a member of The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (W.F.D.B.), and The International Colored Stones Association (I.C.A.)


The Israel Precious Stones & Diamonds Exchange is bound to strict enforcement of the W.F.D.B. and the I.C.A. rules and regulations. This ensures that all deals are backed by the highest standards of business ethics and fairness.

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For more information about joining IPSDE, please contact the management by phone:
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