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 From The President's Desk 

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Dear friends,

About forty-eight years ago a group of gemstones traders decided to set up a gemstone exchange. By this act, those people, helped lay the foundations of Israeli color gemstone industry and created an institution that serves to upgrade and expand the activities of the Israeli gemstone industry, while providing a home not only for its members, but also for tens of thousands of their customers overseas.

The Israeli Precious Stones and Diamond Exchange is a success story. The activity of the founding members of the Exchange, served as a lever and catalyst for the growth of Israel as a leading force in the world of Color Gemstones.

The Exchange, which has about 250 members, is an integral part of the Israeli Center for Precious Stones. Some of our members are the sons or grandsons of the founding generation. Others have come to us over the years from different parts of the world. Our key word is - diversity. And cultivating diversity - this is our main task - to provide every buyer and jeweler with the full demand for precious stones of all kinds.

The skills of the management team will help us in dealing with the complicated tasks at hand. I sincerely hope that we will work together in joint forces, in the many challenges we face these days. We hope that despite the global crisis in which we find ourselves, we will be able to navigate the precious stones industry and safely promote the trade and production of the Israeli gemstone industry.

Whether you come to us, to the Israel Precious Stones and Diamonds Exchange, or whether the connection is made by digital means or online - we are always happy to be at your service.


Shlomo Eshed

President of the Israel Precious Stones & Diamonds Exchange LTD

Green Agate

Please feel free to reach out

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