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Board of Directors

Shlomo Eshed - President

Maty Shemesh - Deputy/Vice President and Treasurer

Mishel Aziz - Vice President

Avinoam Abramoff

Amir Ben-David

Gideon Bustani

Dan Lipshitz


Ben David Banda - Chairman

Gavriel Cohen - Vice Chair   

Aharonov Yaniv

Amblo Avi

Dadbin Yonatan

Makhloof Aharon

Aharon Haim

Bechor Mino

Shatner Doron


The role of the Disciplinary and Judicial Committee is two-fold. It oversees and manages the internal arbitration system, by which disputes among bourse members and other parties that have agreed to arbitration are resolved. It also is responsible for investigating alleged violations of the bourse’s strict code of ethical conduct according to which all members are required to operate, and applying remedial measures when necessary.


Membership of the Israel Precious Stones and Diamonds Exchange is exclusive to members of the trade in good standing. Candidates are required to complete a comprehensive application process, which includes recommendations, background and integrity checks and personal guarantees. The Membership Committee is responsible for overseeing the process, examining and considering the individual applications, and then making recommendations for final decision by the Board of Directors.


Gavriel Cohen - Chairman

Ben David Banda - Vice Chair

Aharonov Yaniv

Bechor Mino

Johnathan Dadbin


Zigdon Faragi - Chairman

Avishai Ben-David

Makhluf Gadalia


The Comptrollers Committee is an independent body that reviews the actions of the Board of Directors and other committees of the Israel Precious Stones and Diamonds Exchange to ensure that they operate correctly. The Comptrollers Committee reports to bourse’s General Assembly.

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