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Privacy Policy

When using the website, information could be accumulated about your habits, information or the advertisements which you read on the site; the pages you viewed: offers and services that interested you etc. The website operator may save the information in its database. Use of such data will only be made based on this privacy policy or the provisions of any law, for the purposes specified below:

  1. To enable you to uses various services on the website.

  2. To improve and enhance the services and contents offered on the site, including generation of new services and contents adapted to requirements and expectations of the site users and to modify or cancel existing services and contents. Information used by the site operator for this purpose will be mainly statistical, without personal identification.

  3. To generate personal areas on the site, e.g. construct a personal website for exchange members, and in order to adapt the personal areas to your preferences.

  4. To purchase products and services online – including advertisements with information and the contents which you post.

  5. To provide your details and communication means to other exchange members, parties in the gem and diamond business and persons interested in the website in Israel and abroad, so they can contact you.

  6. To adapt the adverts that you see when visiting the website to your interests. The information which will serve the website operator for this purpose, will not identify you in person by name or address.

  7. The website operator may send you e-mail with information regarding his services and marketing or advertising information from time to time – either information which he advertises or information received from other advertisers. This information will be sent to you if you give your express consent during registration or at any other time. You can cancel your consent and stop receiving it at any time. However, the website operator will not, of his own initiative, provide your personal details to advertisers which wish to send you direct mail.

  8. For proper operation and development of the site. Information used for this purpose will not be provided to third parties unless permitted by this privacy policy as updated from time to time.

  9. For any other purpose specified in this privacy policy or the general conditions of use of the website and website subscribers’ terms and conditions.


Providing information to third parties

The website operator will not provide your personal details and information collected regarding your activities on the site, to third parties (as far as such details and information identify you personally) except in the following instances:

  1. If you breach the conditions of use of the website, website subscription agreement instructions or any of the services offered therein, or terms of use of the website, or should you use the website to perpetrate illegal acts or attempt to perpetrate such acts.

  2. Should the website operator receive a court order instructing him to provide your details or information about you to a third party.

  3. In the event of a dispute, complaint, claim, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between you and the website operator.

  4. In any case where the website operator believes that the provision of the said information is required to prevent severe injury to your body or property or to the body of a third party or property.

  5. The website operator may provide your details and information collected following the use you made of the website, to other companies and organizations related to the website operator, provided that they solely use such information according to the provisions of this privacy policy.

  6. If the website operator organizes his activities or website activities in a different framework, or changes the legal structure or merges with another party or merges website activities with third party activities – he may transfer to such new enterprise, a copy of the information stored about you on the site or any statistical information in his possession, providing that this enterprise undertakes the provisions of this privacy policy towards you.



The website uses cookies for ongoing, normal operation, including collecting statistical data about use of the site, to verify details, adapt the website to your personal preferences and for information security purposes. Cookies are text files that your browser generates by command from the website computers. Some cookies expire when you close the browser and others are saved on your hard drive. If, for example, you are using Windows operating system and Microsoft Internet Explorer, you will be able to find them on your computer’s hard disc, in the Cookies library and Temporary Internet Files library. Cookies contain diverse information including the pages you viewed, length of stay in the site, how you arrived at the site, columns and information you want to see when entering the site etc. They are also used to make redundant, the need to feed your details every time that you revisit website columns requiring registration.

If you do not want to use cookies, you can avoid it by changing the definitions in your browser, Please consult the browser’s help file for this purpose. However, you should bear in mind that canceling the cookies may cause you to be unable to use some of the website’s services and properties or those of other websites. Additionally, you may erase the cookies from your computer at any time. You should do so only if you are convinced you don’t want the website to be adapted to your preferences. Since cookies sometimes prevent the need to type user names and passwords, don’t erase them before you ensure you have written all the details required for using the website, in a safe place.


Third party advertisements

The website operator may allow other companies to manage advertisements on the site. The advertisements which you view when visiting the website, come from those companies’ computers. In order to manage their advertisements, these companies place cookies on your computer. The cookies enable them to collect information about the sites you view, advertisements they placed and the advertisements which you clicked on. In this manner, they try and adapt the advertisements which shall be displayed before you, to subjects that interest you. The use that these companies make of cookies is subject to their privacy policy, not to that of the website. These companies do not have access to the website’s cookies and the website does not have access to their cookies. If you would like to check the privacy policy of the companies that manage the advertising on the site and prevent them from planting cooking on your computer and reading them, you can do so through their websites.


Information security

The website operator applies information security systems and procedures. While these systems and procedures decrease the risks of illegitimate infiltration of the website operator’s computers, they are not absolutely secure. Therefore, the website operator cannot guarantee that online services will be completely immune to unauthorized access to the information stored in them.


The right to view information

According to the Privacy Protection Law 5741– 1981 – every person, whether personally, by his written proxy or by his guardian, is entitled to peruse the information about him kept in the database. A person who views the information about him and finds it to be incorrect, incomplete, unclear or not updated, may apply to the database owner and request that the information be amended or erased. Should the database owner refuse to comply with this request, he must notify the applicant in the manner and way determined in the regulations. The person requesting the information may appeal to the magistrates court, the database owner’s refusal to allow him to peruse and the notice of refusal to amend or delete information, in the manner and way determined in regulations.

In addition, if the information in the website operator’s databases is used for a personal approach to you, based on your being part of a population group determined by one or more characterizations of people whose names are included in the database (“commercial proposal”), the Privacy Protection Law 5741 – 1981 entitles you to demand in writing, that the information relating to you be deleted from the database. In such case, the website operator will only erase information which is required to send you such commercial offers. Kindly note, erasure of this information may prevent you from continuing to receive services from the site. Information required by the website operator to manage its business – including documentation of commercial and other actions performed onsite – will continue to be legally held by the website operator, but will no longer serve for approaches to you. If within 30 days you do not receive a notice that the information which you requested the website operator to erase, has indeed been erased according to this paragraph, you shall by virtue of the law, be entitled to apply to the magistrate’s court in the manner which is determined such regulations, to instruct the website operator to act as accordingly.


Privacy policy modifications

The website operator may modify privacy policy instructions from time to time. If substantial changes are made to this policy, on instructions relating to use of the personal information provided by you, a notice to that effect will be placed on the website.

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