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Unique Shapes and Colors

Sincerely and respectfully,


Yahalom Bldg., Room 1073

Jabotinsky 3

Ramat-Gan, Israel


Mobile:     +972-52-8090401

Office:         +972-3-9035455

The Meir Laybel Diamonds company specializes in fancy shapes, special and unique shapes and colors from 1 carat and up.

Most of our diamonds are with GIA certificates but also HRD and IGI. Our stock also holds large stones without certificate.

All our diamonds are purely natural with no treatment for color change cleanliness etc.

We sell only to wholesalers and jewelers and provide the best service for our customers.

Our company carries on a generation of diamond merchants with decades of experience in the diamond industry.

Please contact us for more information. We will be more than happy to provide a great service with excellent prices.

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